Namespace: (default namespace)
XML Schema: ns0.xsd

Event group (Festival)



name (type) min/max
id (long) 0/1 Unique ID (TODO change to UUID)
version (long) 0/1 Version
creationDate (long) 0/1 Creation date (timestamp in ms since 1/1/1970)
modificationDate (long) 0/1 Modification date (timestamp in ms since 1/1/1970)
title (string) 0/1 Title
startDate (dateTime) 0/1 Start date
endDate (dateTime) 0/1 End date
eventGroupStyles (artistStyle) 0/unbounded Styles (reggae, metal, etc.)
description (string) 0/1 Description
picture (string) 0/1 Picture url
pictureCredit (string) 0/1 Picture credit
thumbnail (string) 0/1 Thumbnail (width = 150px) url
thumbnailW300px (string) 0/1 Thumbnail (width = 300px) url
thumbnailW600px (string) 0/1 Thumbnail (width = 600px) url
website (string) 0/1 Website
facebookFanPage (string) 0/1 Facebook fan page
googlePlusFanPage (string) 0/1 Google + Fan page
twitterID (string) 0/1 Twitter ID
mySpacePage (string) 0/1 My Space page
youTubeChannel (string) 0/1 You Tube channel
dailyMotionChannel (string) 0/1 Daily motion channel
soundCloudChannel (string) 0/1 SoundCloud channel
whyd (string) 0/1 Whyd


property type description
id id (long) Unique ID (TODO change to UUID)
version version (long) Version
creationDate creationDate (long) Creation date (timestamp in ms since 1/1/1970)
modificationDate modificationDate (long) Modification date (timestamp in ms since 1/1/1970)
title title (string) Title
startDate startDate (dateTime) Start date
endDate endDate (dateTime) End date
eventGroupStyles array of eventGroupStyles (artistStyle) Styles (reggae, metal, etc.)
description description (string) Description
picture picture (string) Picture url
pictureCredit pictureCredit (string) Picture credit
thumbnail thumbnail (string) Thumbnail (width = 150px) url
thumbnailW300px thumbnailW300px (string) Thumbnail (width = 300px) url
thumbnailW600px thumbnailW600px (string) Thumbnail (width = 600px) url
website website (string) Website
facebookFanPage facebookFanPage (string) Facebook fan page
googlePlusFanPage googlePlusFanPage (string) Google + Fan page
twitterID twitterID (string) Twitter ID
mySpacePage mySpacePage (string) My Space page
youTubeChannel youTubeChannel (string) You Tube channel
dailyMotionChannel dailyMotionChannel (string) Daily motion channel
soundCloudChannel soundCloudChannel (string) SoundCloud channel
whyd whyd (string) Whyd